Does not include extractions, pre-anesthetic blood work, or medicines to go home.

Pet of the Month

Pumpkin was found on a doorstep with her littermates last fall, and now this lucky kitten is a family member of a CPAH client. On one of her visits to get her vaccinations, Pumpkin decided to check out our medication shelves. She says everything is in top shape. Sadly many cats and kittens are not as lucky as Pumpkin in finding a forever home and receiving the best of care. We strongly encourage that all cats be spayed or neutered and ask that you consider adoption when looking for a new feline companion.

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The Doc Says

Acute Kidney Disease

Acute kidney disease is a general term referring to kidney disease of sudden onset. About 3/4 of the total kidney tissue must be damaged before signs of illness appear. Kidney disease is often life-threatening, as the body cannot eliminate waste products or maintain the balance of fluid and elements vital to life.

Causes of acute kidney disease include infections, chemical poisons, trauma, urinary tract obstructions and disease of the immune system. The resulting damage to the kidneys may not be reversible in all cases.

Common signs of illness may include depression, lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, increased water consumption, and increased or decreased urine output.

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