These FAQ’s may provide some answers for you: 

(if you have any other questions, or these do not answer your questions, please call us at (813) 920-6656)

1. How often should my pet have an exam?

       ~There are many factors that determine the frequency of recommended exams, like age and overall health.  Our exams are tailored to your pet’s specific needs. We will discuss with you your concerns about your pet’s health and decide together your pet’s exam schedule.

2. How often should I bring my pet for a rabies vaccine?

      ~There are 1 year and 3 years Rabies vaccines available. Your pet’s needs may vary.  Therefore, after a physical exam, vaccine history, and discussion with our veterinarian, we will customize a complete immunization schedule for your pet.

3. Is it true that Dr. Brooks and staff spend a vast amount of time and hospital resources treating, saving and rehabilitating local wildlife?

     ~We spend time and hospital resources to assist the FWC and local rehabbers serve the wildlife in our  area.

4. What is “Pet of the Month”?

     ~Pet of the Month is a fun contest we run once a month.  Clients submit pictures via email or through Facebook message.  Once we end the submitting phase, we then post all entries onto our Facebook page.  Finally, the pet’s picture receiving the highest amount of “LIKES” will be deemed Pet of the Month.  You can “SHARE” our post with your pet’s picture to your FaceBook page, but you must direct people to “LIKE” your pet’s picture on our DIRECT FaceBook page, as we cannot view “LIKES” on your personal page. Once we have a winner, that pet will receive a giveaway (which varies each month).  Then, your pet will be added to our Website gallery for the month that he/she won!

5 .Does Citrus Park Animal, Bird & Exotics Hospital give clients estimates before every service?

   ~We encourage you to ask for estimates on all procedures.   Our sincere wish is that you know to the best of our ability what your pet’s medical needs will cost.  This way you will be better informed, allowing you to make the best health decisions on your pet’s behalf.

6.  Does Dr. Brooks refer pets to specialists if he feels they need further care or evaluation?

    ~In the event the veterinarians at CPAH would like your pet to be seen by a specific specialist, we will match you and your pet’s needs with the best veterinary specialist.  We are fortunate in our Tampa Bay area with veterinary specialists in fields like internal medicine, opthamology, soft tissue, orthopedic, oncology, cardiology, and more.

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  • "I would recommend this clinic, the doctor is knowledgeable and friendly to my pets. The fees seem fair and they never hesitate to give an estimate if asked. My pets are happy with this Dr. so that makes me happy!"
    S.E. Tampa, FL

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